//  Origin:  North Bay, ON
//  Genre:  Alternative
//  Years Active:  2017- Present
//  Website:  collideband.com
Short Bio

coll:de is a solo performer with a band-like presence. As you look towards the stage you notice nothing more than a single microphone, some little pad and a giant loop station. A pretty simple set up. It’s probably just some guy with a guitar with a few neat sound effects. You notice a skinny kid hop on stage, pick up a guitar and begin his generic set like many acoustic solo artists. Except he doesn’t, he instead begins beat boxing. As you ask yourself “what the heck is this guy doing?” (it’s okay, a lot of people do) you notice he’s not beat boxing anymore yet the beat continues to play. Now he’s playing a warm guitar riff over the beat. With every tap of a loop pedal, witness as an entire track is created right in front of you live by incorporating acoustic guitar rhythms, beat boxing, 3 part harmonies, beat pad samples and the occasional bad pun in between songs. Not only does coll:de provide a fresh twist on popular songs but also adds a highly energetic performance that will have heads turning. 

“The style of sound, production and presentation coll:de provides our patrons makes the people stop to listen.”

- Lloyd Taylor, Antoine Mountain

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Management: Dylan Duquette | Dylan@duquetterecords.ca

Booking: Bryce Sigouin | bryce@collideband.com

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